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R e s o u r c e s

The Last Chance House relies solely upon public and private sector funding to fully serve its purpose.  Your tax-deductible donations are gratefully accepted via mail or directly at Last Chance House, 244 Second Street, Crystal Lake, Illinois, 60014.  The following annual events also assist with these funding efforts.
For corporate sponsorship and gift-giving information, please contact 
Larry Baum

Thanks to all who support Last Chance House throughout the year.  

Your ongoing support helps to change men's lives!

Last Chance House Annual Banquet

Keynote Speakers


Each Spring the Last Chance House Annual Charity Fundraiser presents a premiere Keynote Speaker to deliver a message of hope and recovery.  If you've missed our past events, please click on the following audio player to select the Keynote Speaker of your choice.

Last Chance House 2018 Banquet Keynote Speaker - John K. from Dallas, TX

     To purchase a copy of John K's talk from the Last Chance House 2018 Banquet, follow the link below to Amot Audio's website.

Friends of Last Chance House

In a wonderful example of just how well people can love each other, Last Chance House is the recipient of great generosity from people and organizations.  This generosity helps change men's lives, and we are grateful to, in particular:

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