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At Last Chance House, through mentorship, fellowship and reinforcement of life skills, change becomes a pathway to a new life of happiness, peace and calm.

Living it replaces 

wanting it, 

and it shall be.

The Last Chance House, Inc., is a non-profit organization established in 2005 by recovering alcoholic men, for alcoholic men.  Located in the northwestern Chicago, IL suburb of Crystal Lake, Last Chance House is an established residential home providing housing on a short-term basis for men seeking recovery from alcoholism.

A Resident's Story

I arrived at the Last Chance house in June of 2018 after my second stay at an inpatient rehab facility.  I was 21 years old, my life had been an uphill battle for as long as I can remember.  Struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, inability to hold it together, a lack of understanding of what “it” even was.  The Last Chance House and the wonderful community of men and women that surrounds it showed me, through experience, how to live a different way of life.  A life that I thought I could never lead.  The way that the house is structured allowed me to focus on getting well, everything else I need was provided and outlined.  I am 26 now and have not consumed any mind altering substance since May 21st 2018.  I owe my new life to the way of life that I learned living in the Last Chance House.

Become a recurring  Last Chance House donor!   One of the best ways to help a man get well is to make a recurring monthly donation to Last Chance House with the simple click of a button!   No matter how large or small your donation is, every penny goes to help a man get well.

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