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Life At The House

About Last Chance House

Last Chance House has a proven record of helping its residents learn how to connect, possibly for the first time, or reconnect with family, friends, employment and community.  Its residents come from all walks of life:  young, old, skilled tradesmen, laborers, executives, single, married, sons and fathers. They all have something in common; once they start drinking, they cannot control or moderate - once they stop drinking, they cannot stay stopped. ​Residents undergo a thorough interview process prior to acceptance.  This is designed to ensure their interest in residency starts with a sincere desire for continuous sobriety.

Last Chance House "curriculum" has no self-serving interests; rather, our rules and requirements of residents are designed to help those residents establish and re-discover their moral and ethical conscience.  Through this process, residents become more able to resume a productive, normal life.  ​Our Resident Manager oversees residential life and ensures that all are treated with dignity and respect.  The primary purpose of the house is to provide a safe, nurturing, structured and sober living environment for its residents during a transitional period in their lives. 

What life is like at Last Chance House

Each resident follows a simple plan of action for his recovery:

  • Pass alcohol & drug screening (administered at our location.) 

  • Willing to seek employment.

  • Connect with an AA sponsor.

  • Attend daily 12-step recovery meetings.

  • Complete daily chores, such as cooking or basic cleaning. 

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